The Processwork paradigm with its multi-dimensional framework of deep democracy developed by Drs. Amy and Arny Mindell and colleagues, is a transdisciplinary approach derived from years of practice and observation. Process Work initially worked with individuals and then evolved to encompass a new way of working with the complete spectrum of group and organisational life.

Process Work emphasises a whole systems approach introducing concepts such as Deep Democracy, Worldwork, Organisational Myth and Eldership.  These skills increase awareness of unconscious internal and group dynamics, which may be creating challenges or conflict in your organisation leading to potential growth and learning in even the most difficult situations.

“The central element behind all process work applications is the concept of nature, and that the flow of even painful or difficult events can become useful if we follow them exactly, compassionately, and with awareness.”
Arnold Mindell: “The Leader as Martial Artist: Techniques and Strategies for Resolving Conflict and Creating Community”
Gill’s¬†trainings can address:
  • Linking inner work to social change and group dynamics
  • Unfolding double signals and non-verbal communication
  • Self confidence and empowerment
  • Connection with the inner motivation that drives us
  • Multi-dimensional framework as access point to all the information available in the system
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